Why we invented CellAED®

Why we invented CellAED®

Since we started Rapid Response Revival, I’ve been asked many times why we invented CellAED.

More than 11 people die every minute, somewhere in the world, from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

The majority of these people – more than 80 per cent – die in their homes.

Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the world’s biggest killers.  The survival rate has been estimated to be as low as less than one per cent; most are dead before an ambulance arrives.

I experienced this when Sarah, with no warning, had a sudden cardiac arrest in bed beside me.

Because I knew CPR, I was able to keep Sarah alive long enough for an ambulance to arrive.

We were incredibly lucky; Sarah survived.  Had I had an AED – an automated external defibrillator – in the house, we would not have had to rely on luck.

Most people die after an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest because they’re too far away from the tools needed to save their life.

We can’t do anything about the unpredictability of sudden cardiac arrest, but we can be prepared.

When Sarah’s sudden cardiac arrest happened, I was a customer for a device that didn’t exist.  So, we invented it.

That device is the world’s first truly personal, easy-to-use, affordable AED: CellAED.

Early defibrillation and CPR saves lives.  Early defibrillation requires an AED to be close by and ready to use within the first few minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Just like every home has a smoke detector, so too should every home have an AED.

Until now, AEDs have been too expensive, too hard to use.  We have fixed those problems.

Improving AED technology

CellAED is like an EpiPen for the heart.  We need one in every home, ready to keep someone alive in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, and give emergency services time to arrive.

CellAED is the culmination of more than five years of research and development, improving on the current 30-year-old AED technology to make it easier to use.

CellAED’s proprietary and unique Snap, Peel, Stick functionality and methodology represents a quantum leap forward for AEDs.

Unlike other AEDs, CellAED is small and light enough to carry with you.

CellAED is designed so that someone with no medical training can use it quickly in a high-stress situation.

Importantly, CellAED will be one-tenth of the cost of a traditional AED.

CellAED achieves CE Certification

This week, we have achieved the first regulatory validation that CellAED is ready to start introducing to the world.

CellAED has achieved CE Certification.  This does more than just approve CellAED for sale in European Economic Area Member States.  CE Certification proves that our drastic rethinking of AED technology meets the world’s highest benchmarks for safety and efficacy.

RRR can now step up the process of introducing CellAED to the world.

With CellAED, we are in the business of saving lives.

That’s why we invented CellAED.  This finally gives the world the opportunity to help more people survive out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.