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The Future of AEDs Has Arrived

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The CellAED® is the future of AED technology – Invest in life.

The Problem

Each year, 6 million people die around the world because early defibrillation is not available within the first 2-4 minutes (the Survival Gap). With every minute that passes, survival decreases by 10%, making effective assistance from emergency responders almost impossible.

Existing AEDs on the market are expensive, heavy and lacking user-friendly features – and are out of reach for most people as a result.

As 75-80% of Sudden Cardiac Arrests happening at home and far away from hospitals, this is a critical issue the CellAED® has been designed to address.

The Solution

The CellAED® uses cutting-edge software and engineering technology to bring AEDs up-to-date.

CellAED® puts affordable life-saving technology in anyone’s hands, from emergency services providers and co-workers to mums and dads.

What We Say

CellAED® takes away the fear and hesitation that can hold us back in an emergency when every second counts.

Over 6 million people die each year from SCA. With CellAED®, we want to give each person a fighting chance by making an AED that anyone can own and use.

SCA can happen to anyone, of any age, gender or fitness level – including healthy children. Imagine an SCA occurring right now in your home, office, gym, school or business. Now imagine having the ability to potentially save that person’s life with technology that’s right in the palm of your hands.

That’s the difference that CellAED® can deliver.

What the World is Saying

Cardiac Researcher and Physician Dr Steven Brooks MD, MHSc, FRCPC (Associate Professor, Clinician-scientist, Emergency Physician. Queen’s University School of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine. Kingston, Ontario Canada) describes sudden cardiac arrest as “the quintessential time-sensitive medical emergency, striking indiscriminately, without warning, anywhere, to anyone.”

The survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest globally is less than 3%, because defibrillation is not available when and where it is needed.

Rapid Response Revival aims to deliver solutions that enable and empower bystanders – family, friends and strangers – to act quickly and with confidence as the first responder in a SCA situation.

Let’s take CellAED® to the world - Invest in the future

AED technology is outdated – we want to change that, to save more lives, more often, more easily. By investing in CellAED®, you’re not only becoming part of a company that’s passionate about making a difference – you’re becoming part of a movement to save millions of lives. Let’s make change happen.