The World’s First Personal AED is coming to Europe

The World’s First Personal AED is coming to Europe

The World’s First Personal AED is coming to Europe
Ready To Save Lives In The EU

[SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA] October 2021: CellAED® (pictured), the ground-breaking handheld, smart personal AED (automated external defibrillator), is now available for pre-order in Europe at, for anyone who hopes to be prepared to save the people they love in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Having secured CE certification earlier this year, Rapid Response Revival, the maker of CellAED® is bringing this next-generation defibrillator to Europe and to where it’s needed most – in the home.

Rapid defibrillation is the only effective treatment for sudden cardiac arrest, which takes 7-9 million lives worldwide.  Rapid response with CPR and defibrillation is the difference between life and death.

Until now, AEDs have not been a realistic option for at-risk people to keep in their homes, where more than 80 per cent of these deaths occur.

Until CellAED®, most homes could not afford an AED and few businesses and communities could have defibrillation available everywhere it’s needed.

“For every minute without defibrillation and CPR, the chances of being revived following a cardiac arrest drops 10 per cent.  Time is everything,” said Rapid Response Revival co-founder and CEO, Donovan Casey.

“We started work on solving the problem of how to make AEDs an option for homes of people at risk of cardiac arrest, after my partner, Sarah luckily survived her sudden cardiac arrest in 2014.

“Back then, we were customers for a device that didn’t exist.  So, we invented it.”

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CellAED® was created to make AEDs smaller and lighter, more accessible, portable and easy to use.  This was done so that more people have access to an AED in those critical first few minutes following an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Designed to be easy to use under pressure, the simple Snap, Peel, StickTM instructions allow for fast deployment in an emergency.  CellAED® is also fully automated, delivering shocks when they’re needed to keep a patient’s heart beating in the moments it takes before emergency first responders arrive.

Thousands of emergency first responders, heart specialists, first aid trainers and other medical and first response experts across Europe have been waiting for this technology to arrive, since CellAED® achieved CE Certification earlier this year.

Most AEDs available today cost up to ten times what it will cost to buy a CellAED® device.   With expected high demand for this life-saving technology, RRR is providing the opportunity for people to reserve their CellAED® now for a €10 deposit to take advantage of the pre-order purchase price of €199 plus support fee.

CellAED® is coming to Europe.  Don’t miss your chance to save a life.