How GoodSAM is saving lives

How GoodSAM is saving lives

In Victoria, GoodSAM is saving lives.

The chance of recovering from a sudden cardiac arrest drops by 10 per cent every minute that passes without CPR and use of a defibrillator.

Ambulance Victoria partnered with GoodSAM in 2018 to connect fire fighters, nurses and first aiders with cardiac arrests nearby.

Their mission was to deliver emergency first responders faster, in those critical first minutes following a sudden cardiac arrest.

Mike Ray is Ambulance Victoria’s Lead, Community & Co-Responder Programs. This makes him a natural to head up Australian State of Victoria’s GoodSAM network of emergency response volunteers.

Today, there are more than 13,000 responders linked by the GoodSAM app across Victoria, ready to help in an emergency. Since 2018, more than 50 Victorian lives have been saved thanks to GoodSAM.

In this video, Mike Ray talks about the role and importance of GoodSAM volunteers. He also explains why more volunteers are needed.

If you have medical or CPR training and live in Victoria, Australia, you could be a GoodSAM too. Register at