Closing the survival gap: John Haines, LivCor

Closing the survival gap: John Haines, LivCor

John Haines literally wrote the book(s) on first aid training, and closing the survival gap.

John is pioneer on teaching people to respond to emergencies and save lives.  His first aid textbooks resources have sold close to 2 million copies.  He’s even had a first aid recovery position named after him.

In this Rapid Response Revival interview, John talks about closing the survival gap of sudden cardiac arrest.  That is, those critical minutes between a patient losing consciousness, and the arrival of emergency medical services.

John shares his experience on what needs to be done to save a life in those first few minutes.

80 per cent of sudden cardiac arrests occur in the home.  When that happens, what can untrained, and often unprepared, people do to save a life?