CellAED obtains approval for use in Australia

CellAED obtains approval for use in Australia

Sydney Start-up’s World-First Personal Defibrillator is coming to Australia

CellAED® Now Ready For Pre-Order in Australia and Europe at cellaed.io

Australian invention improving chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrests in the home.

The world’s first personal defibrillator, using game-changing technology developed by a pioneering Australian med-tech start-up, will save millions of lives around the world.

CellAED®, developed by Rapid Response Revival®, has achieved listing on the ARTG and will be available to the Australian public for use in their homes for up to one tenth of the cost of currently available AEDs (automated external defibrillators).

Sudden cardiac arrest is the world’s biggest causes of premature death, killing between seven and nine million people every year.  This is similar to the death rate associated with all cancers combined.

More than 80 per cent of sudden cardiac arrests occur in the home.  Before now, AEDs have been too expensive to be a realistic option for the households of people at risk of sudden cardiac arrest, and too complicated to use.

Rapid Response Revival® has solved these problems.  By designing a miniaturised AED that is easy to use, the Sydney-based start-up was also able to reduce the cost to consumers of owning this life-saving technology.

CellAED®’s unique Snap Peel StickTM design allows the AED to be applied in seconds, buying time to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest.

Achieving ARTG listing is another major milestone for this privately-owned medical device start-up after RRR secured CE certification for Europe earlier this year.  These achievements will allow this young Aussie company to bring its innovative AED where it’s needed most – in our homes and communities.

CellAED® is now available for pre-order at cellaed.io from customers in Australia and Europe who are wanting to have this life-saving technology, in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, in their home or office.

Rapid defibrillation is the only effective treatment for sudden cardiac arrest.  An AED applied within minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest buys the patient time until emergency services arrive.

Sudden cardiac arrest victims need rapid defibrillation.  For every minute without defibrillation and CPR, the chances of being revived following a cardiac arrest drops 10 per cent.

“Sudden cardiac arrest has a survival rate of less than one percent.  This is because it kills so quickly, and because most witnesses to a sudden cardiac arrest don’t have the skills or access to an AED to help save a life,” said Rapid Response Revival® co-founder and CEO, Donovan Casey.

“We created our easy-to-use CellAED® to make our AEDs more affordable, smaller, portable and more accessible so more people have access to this life-saving technology in those critical first few minutes following an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

“It is gratifying to know that smart, innovative Australian technology will soon be saving lives across Europe and in Australia.”

In addition to being easy to apply, CellAED® is also fully automated, designed to detect a shockable heart rhythm and delivering shocks when needed to keep a patient’s heart beating in the time it takes for emergency first responders to arrive.

CellAED® is ground-breaking medical technology that emergency first responders, electrocardiologists, first aid trainers and others dedicated to saving lives from sudden cardiac arrest have been waiting for in Australia.

Most AEDs available today cost more than $3000 – up to ten times what it will cost to buy a CellAED® device.  With expected high demand for this life-saving technology, RRR is providing the opportunity for people to reserve their CellAED® now for an introductory pre-order purchase price from AU$299.

For Donovan Casey, who started the process of developing CellAED® after his wife, Sarah narrowly survived sudden cardiac arrest, achieving clearance to make this technology available in his home country was a personal mission.

“I am confident that every home in Australia and Europe will understand the importance of insuring their loved-ones against sudden cardiac arrest,” Mr Casey said.

“It’s a small price to pay for saving the life of someone you love.”


For more information on CellAED® or to pre-order, visit cellaed.io


Rapid Response Revival® founder and CEO, Donovan Casey is available for interview.
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About Rapid Response Revival®

Rapid Response Revival® is a privately-owned Sydney, Australia-based start-up Company, established in 2017.  Its mission is tackling the unacceptably low survival rate of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Rapid Response Revival® was established by Donovan Casey, after his partner Sarah experienced a sudden cardiac arrest in their home.  Sarah survived, unlike most people who experience out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

The Rapid Response Revival® marquee product is CellAED®, designed to make AEDs easier to use, easier to carry, and more affordable.  CellAED® represents the first real improvements on AED technology in more than 30 years, and is the world’s first personal AED.